Box Spring Bed Nuern Mountain Luxury Hotel Bed 180 x 200 US Plug

£ 836.05

  • Construction: Open Coil Sprung Mattresses???18?cm PU foam (25?kg/m?) open coil mattress???Wire Thickness: 1.8?mm, 7.5?turns, Height: 15?cm, 120?feathers/m2?Style Suitable Colour selection cover top/bottom/: 100% Polyester mattress Reversible 02?hardness topper 5?cm 4?cm memory foam (25?kg/m3) 1?cm with top/bottom side: 100% Polyester Cover climate regulating skin-kind regulates moisture Luftdruchlassig solid (not shared) quality: Bonnell sprung mattresses
  • As nearly all of our models are manufactured in accordance with customer requirements, the delivery time is about 6-10?weeks following payment
  • Please let us know your colour choice after purchase, which colour combination and alignment you desire. We will be happy to advise you using the 030/63222230?number
  • Made in the EU/Open Coil Bonnell Spring Unit for mattresses/Memory Foam Topper
  • Width: 5?cm per side length: 212?cm headboard height: 100?cm Height: 50?cm