Dibapur Dream: 7 Zones Mattress Cold Foam Core Height 160 cm X 200 cm X 16 cm and with Approximately 18 cm, Cold Foam Mattress Foam, H2 Medium

£ 204.16

  • Highest sleeping comfort 7 ergonomic zones By Sun
  • Particularly suitable for allergy sufferers
  • Essentialz Easi-Vac and rolled - environmentally friendly manufactured - Info: Cold Foam Mattress are not suitable for normal or Roll-up ends where the distances between the slats are more than 3 cm. (base to make at least 28 or maximum 42 Strips Have)
  • The standard reference is a robust, specifically for mattresses knitted fabrics, this hypoallergenic is suitable. - Double Cloth 100% Polyester - Polyester hollow fibres are processed (200g/QM)) 4-tail zipper easily removable thanks to 60?C washable
  • Hardness: H2 medium up to approximately 85 kg/per person