Queen Ortho Box Spring Bed Set 12 - Single (3' x 6'3")

£ 323.87

Queen Ortho Box Spring Bed 12 Inch BaseThe Queen Ortho Box Spring Bed has a luxurious box spring base to give excellent support to the Queen Ortho mattress Box springs are widely used in the United States and are available in various depths such as 8 10 and 12 The Box Spring is finished in a soft stone velour covering with castors attached for ease of movingThe box spring supports the Queen Ortho Mattress which offers excellent levels of support from its high quality coil spring system The Queen mattress uses an open coil system of springs the primary function of the open coil mattress is to provide support for all parts of the body equallyAn open coil mattress consists of a number of coil springs The coils are assembled into a single construction with helical wire which is a thin spiral wire that joins the wire at the top and bottom to form several rows An outer rod is then fitted around the top and bottom of the finished construction to provide additional strength The Queen mattress benefits from multiple layers of sumptuous polyester fillings offering a really comfortable nights sleepSide air vents enable air to circulate throughout the mattress enhancing the comfort The Queen mattress is covered in a luxurious soft to touch high quality Damask Cover which has a tackandjump luxury top to give a comfortable feel with a deep padded and quilted design The Queen Ortho Box Spring Bed has all the quality one wants to ensure a perfect nights sleep